What is Coaching?

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You would like to...

  • change your job or professional direction
  • reflect upon your professional role
  • prepare for a posting abroad
  • get support on returning home
  • handle stress better
  • manage your time better
  • revive your personal relationships and see them grow


I can accompany you and support you with all my knowledge, creativity, and skills. I can help you to discover your unused resources, draw your attention to possibilities you have not thought of, and make sure that you do not lose sight of your goal.

Coaching is a goal-oriented method that supports you to reach your planned goals and make your intended changes. In this process, the coach accompanies and supports you like a coach in sports. In certain situations, Coaching can also be done with children and adolescents. 

One session lasts, in general, 50 minutes, double sessions are available if required. You, the client, and I agree together on the frequency of the sessions according to need and urgency. Telephone coaching is possible after a special agreement.