Psychotherapy & Counselling

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You would like to...

  • talk about things that burden you
  • have somebody to listen to you with undivided attention
  • live without fears, more healthily, and with more joy
  • overcome psychosomatic, addictive and various other disorders
  • to find orientation and security in times of crisis and change
  • to build hope in times of inner void, meaninglessness and desperation
  • to create balance and inner distance in times of stress and overload
  • to develop hope and new life plans when experiencing separation, disease and death
  • to solve relationship problems and conflicts
  • learn how to accept and love yourself


I cannot do all that for you, I cannot take away your problems, fears and pain. But I can be there for you and create the protected space for you where you can search and experiment. I can support your efforts and guide you towards constructive solutions.

One session lasts, in general, 50 minutes, double sessions are available if required. You and I agree together on the frequency of the sessions according to need and urgency. Most Austrian Health Insurance companies reimburse 22 Euros per session in case of a disorder listed in the diagnostic handbook. Many private Health Insurance Companies contribute as well to the cost of the psychotherapy. Please, check with your Insurance Company how much and under which conditions they pay.

My Methods are varied after many years of practical work and experience, but my „psychotherapeutic roots“ are: