Mag.ª Karin Quigley-Draxler

Licensed psychotherapist, coach, counsellor, university adviser.

I work in German, English, and French with adults, adolescents and couples, and, among other things, I like to work with people from different cultures or between two cultures. This interest grew and was stimulated through meeting a wide range of people from other countries and cultures; several years of working as a teacher in international schools; my two years of working in Manila, Philippines; my studies at an Australian university; studies in France, and my marriage with a Canadian.

My main work areas in Psychotherapy/Counselling:

  • anxiety disorders and panic attacks
  • relationships and marriage
  • stress and burnout
  • depression
  • self-injuries
  • intercultural topics
  • eating disorders
  • dying, death and grief


My main work areas in Coaching:

  • career and life planning
  • professional reorientation
  • culture shock and re-entry shock
  • stress and time management


University Advising

for adolescents and young adults who want to study at a university in Austria (including Fachhochschulen) Great Britain, USA, Canada, or an English speaking university in Europe:

  • decision making
  • choice of course and university or college,
  • admission requirements,
  • help with the application
  • presentations in schools or other institutions,
  • interest and aptitude testing in English


Workshops and Presentations for the following topics:

  • communication (also intercultural)
  • working abroad
  • culture shock and re-entry shock
  • parenting
  • university choice