Workshops and Presentations

I am offering workshops and presentations on following topics:

  • Communication, as well as intercultural communication (i.e. for the Vienna Business University)
  • Preparation of longer stays abroad, re-integration after long periods abroad, culture shock and re-entry shock, also for foreigners in Austria (i.e. for the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Contructive Parenting of Teenagers (as series of workshops: STEP – Systematic Training for Effective Parenting)
  • Opportunities for university studies abroad (in English)
  • Opportunities for higher education in Austria
  • Brief workshops for preparing motivational letters for university applications (for high schools)

If you are interested in a workshop or presentation, please contact me. You can get a workshop or presentation according to your needs or for a special audience. For bigger projects in the intercultural area I am working with my colleague Dr. Karin Schreiner. Both workshops and presentations are held in German or English, according to your needs.