EuroQuest/InterQuest – an analysis of interests and aptitudes

Prospero – an analysis of learning styles and preferences

Mindwise – an analysis of emotional intelligence


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Produced in association with Cambridge Occupational Analysts and Step1 in the UK. This is a psychometric vocational analysis specifically designed for students in the international community.
Students receive a 16-page report following completion of a series of tests. Contained within a student's report are the results of their ability and aptitude tests and their career interests.

A 30-minute individual feedback interview is offered by a trained adviser.

This test can only be done in English (except the verbal reasoning which can be taken in 15 different languages). Instructions and test reports are only available in English, but it is good enough to have an average mastery of English to do the test successfully. The interest questionnaire is also available in Dutch, French, and German.

Check out sample material on www.step1.ac

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Through my cooperation with Step One I can also offer you other tests that can be helpful with learning success. Step One has conducted considerable research into learning and study styles.

What it is: Learning and study style analysis.

What it does: Helps identify preferred study approaches. 
Provides advice and tips to be more effective and efficient with studying.

Each report will cover the following in depth:

  • How students personally interact with the world and the implications for their studies.
  • How students best receive and process information: auditory, visual and tactile.
  • A student's ten study styles in priority order: from music, math logic to word logic and interactive.
  • A student's four learning styles: from concrete random to abstract sequential.

Prospero will explain:

  • How the student can improve on his or her home studies.
  • To what extent students will benefit from pure academic university courses, practical work or a combination of both.
  • Whether they prefer tutorial group work, problem based-learning, a traditional setting, learning through memorisation, etc.
  • What kind of educational environment would best inspire the student.
  • The reports stand alone and give practical advice on how to apply this knowledge to study skills.
  • Reports are usually disseminated through group activity. No interview is necessary.


More details and sample material on www.step1.ac

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This is about students' understanding of how to use their feelings to good effect.
Step One has written an internet-based program especially for students.
Emotional Intelligence (EI) involves self-awareness, feelings, motivations and other related aspects that make up our whole being.

  • EI can be a good indicator of how to perform at school, college and at work.
  • EI can also indicate how to deal with pressure and stress.
  • EI will give a good idea of how innovative a person is.
  • In particular, EI considers how a person relates to others.

Many people with high ability and aptitude levels do not perform as well as they could, due to some aspect of their personal approach and emotional intelligence.
MindWise will help students to avoid any negative traits they may have, for example not listening to others.
In addition, it will help to identify situations where they know they have not handled things as well as they would wish and to understand how to make progress.
More details on www.step1.ac